Frizz free hair for up to 8 weeks in Just 20 Minutes!, that’s what ALFAPARF Milano is promising with their new salon exclusive Keratin smoothing system launching this month.

Industry insiders say up to seven out of 10 women are not satisfied with their look and would like to have more manageable and frizz-free hair every day. The market’s answer to the problem of manageable and frizz-free hair has been a whole range of Keratin smoothing products all coming at the problem from a specific angle: some to remove the frizz-effect, others to develop and define curls, while other Keratin-based lines worked to achieve that always desirable smooth, natural wave or light movement.

After every bespoke or Signature Blow Dry service, hair looks smoother and results are improved upon service by service. It’s pristine after a smoothing treatment (such as Lisse Design) and the hair always stays in place.